“My Grandfather turned a hanging basket shaped like a bird into a treasure  for his Grandchildren. When a child discovered the bird filled with coins and goodies, there would be a wild rush to the parlor.  Grandfather would shake the bird and we would scramble for the coins.  It was a wonderful memory.  I could never forget that treasure bird.  As a young teacher I created a Word Bird puppet who lived in a word house and sprinkled words for the children in my class.  We made story books about Word Bird and his friends.  My Grandfather would be very proud of that spunky little bird.”

Jane Belk Moncure


The Child’s World’s revised edition of The Word Bird Series is divided into these curriculum areas; Word Bird’s Word House books, School Day Books, Short Vowel Adventures and Word Bird’s Readers. Using word puzzles, word houses, and  games, Word bird playfully teaches vocabulary, values, colors, months of the year, days of the week, and much more.

Word Bird's Magic Wand - Word Bird uses a pencil as a magic wand to write and learn many new words at school such as, a birthday  message, signs for a zoo,  and a note in Duck’s lunch box.  Word Bird and others write stories and make  books. Miss Beary gives everyone a surprise button that reads,” I am an author”.



Word Bird's New Friend - Going into a classroom for the first time is a big challenge for Little Kangaroo.  Word Bird helps by being friendly and kind.  The school day is filled with many exciting activities including a potato- sack race on the playground. Page 32 has a chart on How To Win a Friend.



Word Bird’s Rainy-Day Dance - Along with creative play, creative movement and dramatics are hallmarks of the early childhood years. Children are learning many ways to communicate with their bodies. They love to play pretend. A young child watches an airplane zoom overhead. Suddenly his arms are outstretched and he zooms around pretending to fly like the airplane in the sky. Word Bird’s Rainy Day Dance is one example of a creative dance story about digging and planting a garden on a spring day. Children love to dramatize the sequence from seeds to plants, fruits, and veggies.  In the book, everyone has a part. Children are also learning about working together and creating a story themselves, as they move with enough space  to sway, turn, twirl,  tiptoe ,and bend, as they dance.

Word Bird's Hats - Over the course of a week, Word Bird tries on hats representing different occupations and assembles the tools Word Bird needs for each job.

For schools and libraries, Child's World distributes the Word Bird Books online at Childsworld.com.

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