“I was invited into the world of reading in such a natural way. My first teacher helped us make our own little reading books.  When I began teaching, the children in my class helped make their own books too.  We discovered letter-sounds, by beginning with our own names.  We became letter children dressed in paper bag shirts.  We played word games, saving milk cartons for letter-sound boxes.  We filled a wall with words.  Each new letter became a new storybook.  This was the beginning of My  My First Steps To Reading and My Sound Box Books.”

 Jane Belk Moncure

MY FIRST STEPS TO LEARNING (Includes Reading and Math) - For Children and Families


Order both sets, MY FIRST STEPS TO READING & MY FIRST STEPS TO MATH, ("My First Steps to Learning") NOW for children and families from EarlyMoments.com.



NEW SOUND BOX BOOKS - For Schools and Libraries


These Alphabet books have a history of helping young children grow into reading. This new edition continues the tradition of building young readers’ confidence and expanding their vocabularies . Each story introduces a wide variety of familiar objects. As readers explore the alphabet, they continue to say, "I can read it myself."           

Little "b"'s adventure with words includes playing ball with a bear, discovering a bird in a birdbath, a bee, a baby baboon with a banana, and many other animal friends. Little "b" has an exciting ride on a bicycle and sails away on big boat. Pages 30 – 31 expand vocabularies by adding additional words, beginning with the “b” sound.


Little "m"'s adventure takes him all the way to the moon in a magic moon machine. Along the way he and his monkeys have fun with some merry mice on a merry-go-round. Little "m" has lots of help from a moose and a magician and bit of magic.



Little "s" goes on an adventure on the sandy beach by the sea. He finds so many words beginning with the letter "s" that he can hardly hold his sound box. There are shells  of different sizes and shapes. Little "s" finds a shovel and a sand pail and builds a super sand castle in the sand. Along the way he meets a sailor and goes for a wonderful ride in a submarine. He even sails in a sail boat and plays with the sailor on a sea-saw and a slide.
A young reader discovers many blends of the letter S and the sh sound as well.  Pages 30 and 31 introduce more words beginning with this letter.

Little "v" fills her sound box with very pretty valentines. She writes a verse on every valentine, inviting her friends to a Valentine’s Day party. What fun they have making valentine hats, puppets, valentine cakes, cookies, and other very good surprises. After the party, Little "v" even cleans her house with a vacuum  cleaner.  Pages 28 and 29 add more words beginning with the v sound.




For schools and libraries, Child's World distributes the New Sound Box Books online at childsworld.com. 

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